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As stated on the community info page:

This journal is for alumni and students of Detroit Public Schools. If you're out there, join, interact, and give back. If you're concerned about the DPS community and you want to keep up to date about relevant issues, this is the place for you.

·Lend advice to current DPS students.
·Keep others up to date on DPS issues.
·Discuss DPS politics.
·Catch up with other alumni.

Current Students
·Let us know what issues are relevant to you.
·Speak Out.
·Seek Refuge.
·Meet other students who may be dealing with the same issues you are.
·Meet people who've made it through.

A moderator contact form is available on the community info page to permit less inhibited discussion topics. If you want to discuss a controversial issue, or are simply uncomfortable introducing a particular topic, the form permits anonymous requests and suggestions. Unpopular replies/comments can be posted anonymously, which may not remain a permanent function as community membership grows.

Not a livejournal member, but still interested...
If you're not a member of livejournal, and would like more information on how to join the livejournal community, express interest here, using the comment function (unregistered users may comment anonymously). Other DPS community members may have available invite codes.

If you're not interested in obtaining a livejournal, but would still like to participate, feel free to make repeated use of the anonymous comment function. If you'd like to introduce a new topic, use the moderator contact form located on the community info page. A moderator will introduce it within a 48 hour period.

Welcome to the community!
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